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Building a Better Somalia Through Youth Empowerment

At the Minbar Initiative, we believe that the voices of the youth are crucial to building a better Somalia. That’s why we provide a platform for young people across Somalia to develop and debate their ideas, and to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Igniting Civic Debates. Enabling Next Generation of Thought Leaders

A digital civic repository of information and an accessible database for The next generation of thought-leaders through traing and fellowship

Civic Education

We will share our accessible analytical material with schools across Somalia so that children are also informed on the important debates shaping the future of the country

Town-hall debate

We are in a time where rational and constructive discourse is crucial. As Somalia strives to emerge from decades of conflict we need to shape and debate ideas as a collective/society.

Fellowship program

The Minbar summer fellowship will develop leadership skills to equip them to become change makers in their sectors. Training will be delivered by Somali and non-Somali scholars.

Training & Mentorships

The courses are designed to take place alongside regular work. Outside the formal sessions mentees may receive one to one advice and support from their mentor and the technical support team.

Why is it important for Somalia

To join the East African Community?


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Join the Conversation

Minbar Post is your platform for news, opinions, and insights on youth empowerment, civic engagement, and political development in Somalia. We are dedicated to amplifying the voices and perspectives of young Somalis.

Challenging the status quo:

Since independence in 1960 Somalia has not delivered the civil and economic benefits that citizens have a right to. Successive generations of Somalia’s leaders have failed to develop an economy that spreads prosperity across the country or to find a political solution to resolving disputes.

Education in Somalia: Past, Present and Future

Join us for a workshop on 'Education in Somalia: Past, Present and Future. Engage with experts and discuss solutions for the challenges faced by Somalia's education sector.

BOOJIN: A Nostalgic Trip to Mogadishu's Glorious Past

We are pleased to host Zakariye Osman for the grand launch of of his highly anticipated book, BOOJIN. filled with laughter, happiness and stories from Mogadishu in the 2000s.

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