Minbar Initaive is a platform to build a better Somalia. We give young people across Somalia the space and the means to debate and develop the ideas that will transform Somalia’s political development and unlock the potential of our people.

What We Do

Civic Education

We will share our accessible analytical material with schools across Somalia so that children are also informed on the important debates shaping the future of the country

Town-holl debate

We are in a time where rational and constructive discourse is crucial. As Somalia strives to emerge from decades of conflict we need to shape and debate ideas as a collective/society.

Fellowship program

The Minbar summer fellowship will develop leadership skills to equip them to become change makers in their sectors. Training will be delivered by Somali and non-Somali scholars.

Training & Mentorships

The courses are designed to take place alongside regular work. Outside the formal sessions mentees may receive one to one advice and support from their mentor and the technical support team.

Our Objectives

Our Impacts

Somalia’s very stretched education sector has little spare capacity to teach beyond core subjects. Yet given the history of civil unrest we contend that civic education is a core subject.

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